The Maison de la Solidarité is a day-care center, open to all adults in a precarious situation, as well as to minors accompanied by their legal guardian.

Reception is unconditional, in accordance with the operating regulations, after individual registration.

People already attending the structure tell others about it, thus bringing word of mouth and solidarity to life.

As a day care center, the Maison de la Solidarité offers basic humanitarian services which are essential for people in very precarious situations.

  • Access to a shower with free towels and products
  • Access to the laundry service (washing machine and dryer) at a preferential rate of two euros (2 €)
  • Access to three free meals per day (breakfast, lunch, winter dinner and summer tea)
  • Interviews by appointment with the social team
  • Access to other essential services for opening social rights or receiving mail
  • Participation in workshops and various collective activities.